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About Sophia, Founder of
Bliss Yoga Studio

Sophia's journey with yoga began over10 years ago…

she dabbled in & out of practicing yoga for most of her 20’s, but never connected to a proper yoga practice, until after the birth of her youngest daughter. 

She began to experience:

  • Low moods

  • Sadness

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Intense emotions

 Sophia wanted to avoid the route of medication... so instead explored a more holistic approach. Intuition told her to give yoga a proper chance, and knowing the mental side of yoga was exactly what was needed at that time to heal.

She focused on a daily practice, consisting of hot vinyasa,

hatha & yin... Each time she stepped on to the mat, she experienced the feeling of being 'forgiven'... Yoga just 'is', it doesn't judge where you are on your journey. Allowing you to just be you, in a safe space enabling healing and self discovery at your own pace.


Within a short space of time, realising how far she'd come, it was obvious there was definitely something in the sacred practice of yoga.

The benefits Sophia experienced:

  • Learning focus

  • Allowing a meditative state while practicing

  • Allowing the monkey mind to quieten

  • Delving deeper into a spiritual practice

  • Happier mindset

  • Healthier eating habits

  • Weight loss, becoming toned & supple. 

It's taught her:

  • Patience

  • Discipline

  • Kindness to herself & others

The passion & love Sophia has for yoga is the reason she made the decision to head to India to gain her 200hr Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow YTTC qualification. Now she can share just how life changing yoga can be, it’s truly magical!

Yoga has inspired & lit a fire in Sophia's soul to want to share and spread awareness of the sacred practice which allows you to:

  • Feel more happy day to day

  • Change your mindset

  • Feel less stressed

  • Learn patience

  • Self discipline & most importantly...

  • Kindness to yourself, your body & others around you. 

Sophia's mission is to reach as many people as possible and help them along on their yoga journey whether new or not, as most of us know... ‘teacher’ or not, we are all 'forever students' and she firmly believes we all have things to learn from everyone who enters our lives. 

In June 2021 an amazing opportunity presented itself, enabling Bliss Yoga Studio to open its doors, allowing space to be held for the local community in Bootle, to work on mental & physical wellbeing. 

The vision for the studio is to make it as welcoming as possible, provide a space for wellbeing, a place to feel safe on the mat... whatever your practice may look like, a place to meet like minded people, a place to grab a herbal tea or just

simply stop for a gab!

Whatever brings you along...

We hope you leave feeling blissful!

We also have a small gift shop stocking local small

businesses health & wellbeing treats & gifts!

 So come down, say hello, become part of the Bliss family... 


We can’t wait to meet you!


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