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Here's where you'll find all the need to know info about any of our upcoming events from speciality classes, one-off event's, monthly workshops, courses & day retreats. 

Women's Full Moon Circle

Embrace the power of the full moon..
Friday 19th July 2024
7.30-9.00pm £15.00

Join us for a Women’s Full Moon Circle guided by Sophie! 

This gathering is a sacred space for women to come together, connect, and harness the magic of the lunar cycle.

🌟 What to Expect:

Heartfelt sharing circle, Teachings of the lunar cycles, (specifically the full moon), Full Moon forgive and release ritual. A nurturing environment where women are heard, seen & supported by each other. It is a safe and inclusive space for all women.

Let’s unite under the luminous glow of the full moon as we uplift, empower, and inspire one another.... This is an opportunity to dive deep into sisterhood and the transformative power of the moon!

Image by Alysha Rosly

Self Love Club

Friday 26th July 2024
7.30-9.00pm £15.00

Self love spiritual club.

A place designed for women to connect, grow and nurture their self love in a spiritual and supportive environment.

Sessions will be spread over 8 weeks, the first session's theme is 'connecting with our inner child/younger self'

What to bring - A picture of yourself as a child, any age is suitable! 

Investment - £15 PP

Saturday Soundbath
With the Urban Empath

Saturday 10th August 2024
4.00-5.30pm £15.00

Lie Down, Listen and Let Go.⁣

Quieten the busy thinking mind with gentle breathwork, a guided meditation and light movements allowing you to land in a place of stillness and peace.⁣

Once there, rest in awareness and allow the blissful, crystalline tones and healing vibrations wash throughout your being working on a cellular level and aligning your mind, body and spirit.⁣

Immerse yourself in this deeply relaxing and restorative sound experience and leave feeling rested and renewed.⁣

Want to make your experience extra snuggly? Use a pillow, blanket & eye mask...all available for use in the studio... and wear comfortable loose clothing.⁣

Unfortunately this session is not suited to women in the first trimester of pregnancy and those who have photosensitive epilepsy.⁣

soundbath bliss yoga studio bootle liverpool

Sunday Sleep Club

The Last Sunday of every month...
4.00-6.00pm £15-20

Take some time out to rest, recharge & refill your cup!


Meditation, Breathwork, Yin/Yang Yoga Release and a dreamy Yoga Nidra with optional Reiki healing.

Optional Reiki healing performed by Heather from A Moment of Calm

Beginners Yoga Course
Summer Date Coming Soon...

Perfect for…

🤍Complete newbies
🤍Anyone who has dabbled a little
🤍Anyone who’s taken a break away from a regular practice and wants a refresh

Structured to run over 2 weeks, 2hr a week in the studio

The course will run Saturday morning’s 10.30am-12.30pm.

The content…

During the course we skim over yoga, its history & benefits.
The 8 limbs, bandhas & ujjayi breath, then we break down some of the most fundamental postures.

We look at alignment, modifications and the use of props, enabling you to practice safely, getting to know your own body and where you are currently at on your own yoga journey... while practicing with compassion to avoid the ego and any injuries!

Includes weekly booklets to take home & refer back to and a free yoga class of your choice from the current timetable.

The course will equip you with all the need to know info about practicing yoga so you feel comfortable and confident in attending any studio class or to simply practice at home.

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beginners yoga bliss yoga studio bootle liverpool
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