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Monthly Blog - August Edition!!

Each month we are going to blog a little news, some updates, bring you an offer, a little positivity, a recipe & some birthday shout outs to our yogi's with your permission of course!... Did you know you receive a free class of your choice on your birthday, as a gift from us to you!! You have to be subscribed to our mailing list & you've got to have participated in one of our yoga classes or courses.

If you've signed up to our mailing list you'll receive a link to this blog via email each month!... And we promise never to spam you, only (hopefully) add value to your inbox!

Sooo NEWS this month!

We are officially open...

So happy to announce we are officially open... with Rebecca's 'Peaches & Core' class kicking us off with amazing success! The girls who booked & came along all said how impressed they were with the studio & the class itself... even if the stairs on the way out seemed like a challenge, after working hard on those glutes! The yoga classes so far have also had fabulous vibes, with each class comes with more amazing feedback!

Thank you to all who have visited us so far... it's been lovely meeting you all!

We can't wait to meet more of you lovely souls!!

Grand opening was a fabulous day too! Thanks to all who came along to say hello, we received so many well wishes via social media & in person, along with cards & good luck gifts!! We can honestly say we truly felt the love!!

Anyway, now on to other stuff...!!


How are you feeling?... Good we hope?!

We ran a poll on our Instagram story this week asking the vibes... anyone who answered 'BLAH' got this lovely little list sent to them, in hopes it could help shift the mood!

We'd love to know if it helped you! Please get in touch!


Make It Happen by Jordanna Levin.

Absolutely loving this book a perfect bedside table read when you need to switch off before bed!! Written by Jordanna Levin a journalist, conscious cook, event facilitator, podcast host, wellness and spirituality blogger, yoga teacher & editor! Its a warm & witty read with tales of her manifesting mishaps and how she came up with her fool proof manifesting equation! A complete bargain when purchased from the works for £3.00! Which is were we purchased ours!


Overnight Oats!! - One of our all time favourite breakfasts ever! You'll know this if you've ever watched our Food Inspo Highlight on IG!

Perfect for any type of morning!


40g Oats

1tsp Chia Seeds

150mls Almond Milk

1tbsp Peanut butter (the proper stuff not the one made with palm oil!)

1 Medium Banana


Pour the oats, chia seeds & almond milk in a tub or bowl & place into the fridge... just before you head to bed! The oats will absorb the milk overnight.

In the morning.. open the fridge, put your scoop of peanut butter on top, slice the banana into discs... give it a little mix & consume!

Super easy, super quick & super tasty! ...So tasty it's like eating a dessert for breakfast!


We thought it was only fitting that our first blog quote should be the lovely quote that is on our mural wall in the studio...

'Where there is yoga, there is prosperity, success, freedom & bliss' - BKS Iyengar.

True in so may ways, if you know you know....when yoga is practiced properly you experience balance allowing an abundance of health, success, harmony & peace!

If there's a quote you'd like to share with us please let us know!



Sophie B

Joanne F

Katie S

Jennie S

Make sure you check your mailbox for your birthday freebie & booking code!

If you've been to a class & its your birthday in the month of August, please do let us know so you can redeem your birthday gift from us!


We have our opening offer available until the end of Sept!

Snap it up and share the love with your besties!!

Here's a copy of the current timetable, should you need it...

...and a gentle reminder for those who have enquired... our BEGINNERS YOGA COURSE is due to start on Saturday 4th Sept 10.30am & finish on the consecutive Saturday!

2 hours, 2 weeks for £40.00 & includes a FREE YOGA class of your choice off the current timetable! (RRP£47, saving £7)

If you think you could benefit from this service we provide, click here to learn more or to secure your space on the course.

Well that's all for now until next month!!

Peace, Love & Light!

Sophia - Bliss Yoga Studio


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