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Monthly Blog - September Edition!!

Each month we are going to blog a little news, some updates, bring you an offer, a little positivity, a recipe & some birthday shout outs to our yogi's with your permission of course!... Did you know you receive a free class of your choice on your birthday, as a gift from us to you!! You have to be subscribed to our mailing list & you've got to have participated in one of our yoga classes or courses.

If you've signed up to our mailing list you'll receive a link to this blog via email each month!... And we promise never to spam you, only (hopefully) add value to your inbox!

Sooo NEWS this month!

Our beginners course is due to start this Saturday!...

We're really excited for a gorgeous new group to embark on their yoga journey!

We unfortunately had to delay the start date of the course due to covid & isolation periods... which was frustrating to say the least! However, a couple spaces have become available, so if you are interested in joining us... this may be the universe allowing you to grab your space!! Click here to sign up & secure your spot!

Also a HUGE thankyou to all of those affected by our partial closure this week, we really truly appreciate the love & understanding that has been shown!

On to other news, We're currently working on something super exciting!!...

Our first retreat day - 'A journey within'!

We're thinking all things selfcare & healing... breathwork, yoga, meditation, reiki, crystal healing, a sharing circle & a spot of journaling with a light lunch & refreshments!

If this sounds like your cuppa tea, keep your eyes peeled!

Our Shop!...

If you've visited us, you'll know we have a small shop in our reception area stocking health & wellbeing gifts, made by some amazing soul sistas!

We're all about supporting local small businesses ran by ladies from Liverpool & proud to stock the items we do...

We have the most beautiful crystal jewellery blessed with reiki energy & made with intention by Becky from @lovecrystalhealinglife

We stock the most funky yoga co-ord sets in Liverpool, made for funghi souls who want to stand out from the crowd & feel fab while practicing yoga, all handmade by the talented Ellie from @shop_undertheshroom

We also stock the most amazing wellbeing journals created by Grace from @the_butterflyeffect_x each journal is made with love, to help promote happiness, develop positive habits, set goals & be more organised

All the products available are a perfect treat for you, someone you love or for a special occasion!... (A heads up & apologies dropping the C word in Sept... but Christmas is only 3 pay days away)... so if you have your eye on something in our shop... start dropping those hints now... selfcare isn't selfish & we all have wish lists :)!

If there's something you'd like to see stocked in our shop or you know a talented lady who's products would fit well in our studio shop let us know!

Anyway, now on to other stuff...!!


How are you feeling this month?... well we hope?!

Kids are back to school... We’re slowly getting back in a routine after the summer hols… or maybe it's a struggle?

If you're feeling drained during this time of hectic... Here's a lovely little list of some ideas on how to raise your energy...

We'd love to know if it helped you! Please get in touch!


The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

We read this book earlier in the year & its a book you can go back to time & time again... Especially when you're being thrown curve balls... we've dipped into this book this week to remind us everything's going to be ok & the universe has our back... we're just being taught a little lesson so we can grow & learn!!

It's an easy read full of Gabby stories, how to tune into your intuition & how to surrender to the universe, with lots of inspirational quotes & exercises to help you on your spiritual journey. We bought our copy on amazon for £10 & highly recommend!


A Lunch... Coconut, Chilli & lemongrass Rice Salad Bowl

A tasty & filling bowl that packs a punch if you enjoy a little spice!

Quick, easy & serves 2!


Coconut, Chilli & Lemongrass Rice Pouch (Aldi)

Large Beef Tomato

1/4 White Onion, 1/4 Red Onion

2 Handfuls of Spinach

Generous Drizzles of; Sesame oil, Cider vinegar & Honey

Salt & pepper to season.


Place the spinach in large bowl

Chop the tomato & onions, add to the bowl

Microwave rice pouch

Make the salad dressing - drizzle the sesame oil, cider vinegar & honey in a

separate smaller bowl & mix.

Add the salad dressing to spinach, tomatoes & onions

Mix in the rice pouch

Season with Salt & pepper, toss the entire bowl around

Serve!! ...while rice still warm, the spinach will wilt slightly but still have some crunch!


Quote this month is not so serious...

'When life gives you lemons, make a gin and tonic.' - Unknown

The original quote was made by Dale Carnegie in his 1948 book 'How to Stop Worrying and Start Living' …we found this quote online which we think is a funnier, more fitting modern version, since who doesn't love a Gin & Tonic with all the extras... basically, you can't control what is out of your hands, just make the best of the situation!

If there's a quote you'd like to share with us please let us know!



Laura // Elsby // Heather

Make sure you check your mailbox for your birthday freebie & booking code!

If you've been to a class & its your birthday in the month of September, please do let us know so you can redeem your birthday gift from us!


We still have our opening offer available which will end on 24th Sept!

Snap it up and share the love with your besties!!

To redeem this offer click here to book a class!

Here's a copy of the current timetable, should you need it...

If you'd like to hear more about our classes or you think you could benefit from yoga but not sure where to start?... click here to contact us, we're always happy to help.

Well that's all for now until next month!!

Peace, Love & Light!

Bliss Yoga Studio


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