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Monthly Blog - October Edition!!

Each month we post a blog ...a little news, some updates, bring you an offer, a little positivity, a recipe & some birthday shout outs to our yogi's with your permission of course!... Did you know you receive a free class of your choice on your birthday, as a gift from us to you!! You have to be subscribed to our mailing list & you've got to have participated in one of our yoga classes or courses.

If you've signed up to our mailing list you'll receive a link to this blog via email each month!... And we promise never to spam you, only (hopefully) add value to your inbox!

Sooo NEWS this month!


We are currently working with Everton In The Community in order to bring the little ones a much needed yoga session for FREE starting Wednesday 3rd November 21!

Children's yoga has many benefits & its something we have been working on for the past month to be able to offer on our timetable!...

Our children's class will involve gentle yoga stretches & movements mimicking animals, whilst incorporating fun games & imaginative stories relating to mindfulness & kindness... with the aim to help develop confidence, self esteem & build a happy positive mindset!

Final details are being discussed this week so spread the word its coming.. first of many weekly sessions will begin on Wednesday 3rd November at 4.30pm!

Spaces on this free class are limited, so we advise booking your little ones place to avoid disappointment !

Other news...

'A Journey Within'!...

Our first retreat day is now available to book!!

A relaxing afternoon to find deep calm within, with the goal to relax, recharge & rebalance the body, mind & spirit.

Sunday 28th November 11am-4pm £60.00

We'll begin our day with a little bit of breathwork, a meditation, head into a gentle 60 min yoga flow, break for a tasty light lunch!... then we'll spend the afternoon digging a little deeper... with another mediation, a spot of journaling, participating in a sharing circle whilst we each have the opportunity to have a mini reiki & crystal healing session... ending the day with some yin yoga & the best savasana ever!

Refreshments provided throughout the day!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, book & secure your space...

(Please note there is a limited number of spaces available, as we'd like

this day retreat to be really personal to you)

Shop News!!

If you've visited us, you'll know we have a small shop in our reception area stocking health & wellbeing gifts, made by some amazing soul sistas!

We're all about supporting local small businesses ran by ladies from Liverpool & proud to stock the items we do...

NEW HOODIES from @shop_undertheshroom !!

We stock the most funky yoga co-ord sets in Liverpool, made for funghi souls who want to stand out from the crowd & feel fab while practicing yoga, all handmade by the talented Ellie!... This past week Ell has dropped new hoodies & they aren't hanging around... last few remain in studio but she has promised to drop some more stock asap for

those who are waiting!!

AND... NEW to our shop is CAST A SPELL WAX WORKS

The lovely Nicky is Passionate about all things that smell beautiful 🌺👌🏻 All wax melts are hand made & crafted with love in our hometown of Liverpool 👌🏻🌈

Inspired by all things that smell good... perfume, aftershave and laundry detergents to name a few 🌈✔️ All her products have SDS certification and are CLP labelled ✔️😻

They are also vegan friendly 😽 and available to purchase in the studio reception - keep your eyes out for her Halloween specials... You're in for a treat!

If there's something you'd like to see stocked in our shop or you know a talented lady who's products would fit well in our studio shop let us know!

Anyway, now on to other stuff...!!


How are you feeling this month?... well we hope?!

Starting to enter the colder months now as we head into October... here's our zen in ten list... give it ago and let us know!

Tag us on social media & hashtag '#ZENINTEN' for a chance to win a free class of your choice! Winner will be announced on 8th November!

We'd love to know if it helped you! Please get in touch!


F**k it by John C. Parkin

A hilarious & easy bedtime read... a western spiritual approach to literally f**k whatever is bothering you and let it go!

We bought our copy on Ebay for about £4 & highly recommend!


A Very Tasty Lunch!

Flatbread with Halloumi, peppers, mushrooms, humous & pesto!

Ingredients - Serves 2

Flatbread x 2


1 Bell Pepper

Handful of Chestnut Mushrooms

2 Tbsp Humous

2Tsp Green Pesto


Slice the bell pepper, chop the chestnut mushrooms & slice the haloumi

Add a drizzle of olive oil to a griddle pan to soften the peppers & mushrooms

Add the halloumi to griddle pan to crisp

While they cook, spread the humous on one side of the flat bread, the pesto on the opposite.

Once the peppers & mushrooms are browned and the halloumi is cooked, lash

on to the flatbread,

Fold flatbread closed & consume while warm!!

Thank us later!


'Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day' - Dalai Lama

How do you start your day?

Honestly this quote is such a simple tool to try... especially on days when we

wake not feeling our best!

We challenge you to give it a go... Sit comfortably for a couple mins, one hand on your heart one on your stomach... focus on the breath, breathe in & out through the nose, notice where you are sending the breath, begin to think of something that brings you joy, begin to feel the thought... How does it make you feel? Do you notice any sensations? Where do you feel the sensations?... Take a few more breaths in & out of the nose.. or sit with the feelings as long as you wish... then slowly begin to blink the eyes open with a nice big smile on the face!

If there's a quote you'd like to share with us please let us know!




Make sure you check your mailbox for your birthday freebie & booking code!

If you've been to a class & its your birthday in the month of October, please do let us know so you can redeem your birthday gift from us!


For Halloween we are offering a discount price of £5.00 for drop in, on our Saturday Beginner yoga class - 30th October 9-10am... Use code: 'BOO-GINNERS'

Here's a copy of the current timetable, should you need it...

If you'd like to hear more about our classes or you think you could benefit from yoga but not sure where to start?... click here to contact us, we're always happy to help.

Well that's all for now until next month!!

Peace, Love & Light!

Bliss Yoga Studio


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